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We are a small company who knows just how hard it can be to keep healthy in our busy lives. We are dedicated to using quality ingredients and being 100% upfront with our nutritional values. All of our products are gluten free, but don’t worry, they aren’t taste free. Our team of bakers and tasters work hard to respect the simplicity of the ingredients, while adding the perfect amount of pizzaz.

Our products are especially great for those suffering with gluten intolerance, those looking for low carb high protein solutions to support weight loss, as well as diabetics who are looking for a quick low carb snack that will sustain their hunger.

Ketobox offers options to buy products individually, but as well to receive boxes that are pre-packed by us in a variety of options. We offer something for the veggie lover, for the sweet tooth, and everything in between. Try our sample pack, and you’ll be hooked!

We are still growing, so look out for new products as we expand our business. Thank you for your support!
Have any questions or suggestions? Contact us at info@ketobox.com, or right here: