Baking by Emily

Baking by Emily is small business owned and operated by, you guessed it: Emily. She sells fantastic baked goods, mostly through word of mouth and through social media connections in the
Hudson Valley area.

While working on her branding I wanted to avoid using the image of a cupcake or a cake that is typical of many bakeries. I wanted Emily to be atypical in her niche group. I decided on using a frosted “E” cookie with sprinkles. This still gets the idea across that she is a baker, but doesn’t follow the crowd. Contrasting the thick serifs of the E, I chose to use a simple sans-serif for the supporting text. It was a must for Emily to have some sort of purple in the design, as she is known for loving that color.

Using a sticker on a traditional cake box, or a impressed box with just a hint of color are two ways I have suggested Emily can deliver her goods and assert her brand.



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