Cello labels

What started out as an enjoyment for producing limoncello and other citrus varieties of the flavored vodka, turned into a self-initiated design project. The colorful nature of the cello, inspired a bright and fun label. I wanted to showcase the citrus rinds, through illustrations on the label and on the wrap around the bottle’s cap, as they are a crucial ingredient. Without the rinds, it would simply be sweet vodka. Having German heritage, I decided to play with the idea of a typically Italian made drink, made German. Utilizing the German names for the fruits, they become their own individual item, but are tied together through the cohesiveness of the packaging and the language. Included on the back is the proof information, Surgeon General warning (which are both required by law), as well as the ingredient breakdown and the name of the company.

apfelsine(NEW) Linde(NEW) copy


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