Ketobox is a ketogenic snack brand which provides low-carb, high-protein products that are entirely gluten free. KetoBox caters to those who suffer from gluten intolerance, those looking for low carb options to support weight loss, and diabetics looking for a quick snack that will sustain their hunger.

Ketobox is comprised of trail mixes, protein bars, and fruit and vegetable chips, that can be purchased individually or in a subscription based box. The goal of this work was to create the packaging as well as build an eCommerce website to support the products and showcase the way in which customers would view and purchase these products.

The eCommerce site is visitable at

Introducing bold, bright colors gives the brand uniformity and vitality, while still providing separation within snack categories. Through the addition of illustrations in place of photography, the design acquires a warmth and 1960’s style character that fits with the approach of a health food brand.

KetoBox is less geared towards the macro-consumer society, and more focused on the micro: the individual and their nutritional success and wellbeing. The brand sees its responsibility to the
consumer as paramount. It both provides its caloric and carbohydrate information upfront (where other food brands utilize net carbohydrates, which can trick consumers) and works with the
best quality ingredients.

This work has become more than just packaging and a supporting website; it has become an exercise in full brand-development and recipe-development in order to truly understand the products that are being marketed.





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