Martha Stuart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts

Drawing on elements the Arts and Crafts movementspecifically in book designthis cover for Martha Stuart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts, places an emphasis on floral elements and the signature style of William Morris. A movement towards nature was key in the Arts & Crafts movement, which lead me to arrange freshly picked flowers around what would be the block of text (or in this case the title). Arrangement of flowers would be a common entry in a craft-based book, so the two ideas flow seamlessly. The addition of the cork board behind gives the cover additional texture, and bring it back to a home-made craft feel. The use of a traditional serif typeface and glyph are reminiscent of Arts and Crafts design. By bringing photography to the book cover, it takes these principles and brings them to a more modern era, where there is still an emphasis on craft and the home-made.




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