Sprout Community Garden

Sprout community garden is all about growing relationships as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables. Its aim is to teach children and adults alike about where their food comes from and to instill a sense of pride in the cultivating of such, as a group.

When thinking of vegetables that could represent the garden, peas came to mind. There is a sense of communality, as the individual peas are grouped together to make up the entire pea pod. The volunteers are in a way like the peas, and the garden, the pod. The typeface, Univers, brings a geometric element to the logotype which contrasts the illustration. Using lowercase letters gives the garden an inviting and universal feeling which allows it to be both fun and approachable.

Below are shirts that the volunteers/supporters could buy to generate funds for the garden, besides strictly monetary donations, as well as a recycled brown paper bag for those taking home vegetables, and a poster that would advertise events. Also included are screens for a mobile app which would allow the coordinators to get the word out about events, see who will be volunteering on what days, as well as give the volunteer some more information about the garden (weather, what’s growing now, and some images).

sprout_community_garden_logospout_volunteer_shirt_front sprout_volunteer_shirt_backsprout_paper_bag sprout_poster

sprout_mobile_homesprout_mobile_phone_screens_1 sprout_mobile_phone_screens_2

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