Viggiatore, meaning traveler, compliments the nature of this quaint regional Italian restaurant. It is the goal of the restaurant to expose its customers to the monumental variety that exists within Italian food, but typically remains hidden from the American palate. The customer will take the role of traveler, as they explore regions such as La Marche, and Piedmont, through simple and delicious food of the respected province. Viggiatore is focused on remaining true to the diversity of Italy and respecting the traditions of its food, all the while revealing a new idea of what it means to eat like an Italian.

The logo, composed in a wood-cut style, is representative of tradition, merging an old style with a more modern look, just as the restaurant does with its food. Through the arched sails and italic type, a movement is provoked as if wind is blowing through. The typography is also meant to represent a balance of modern and classic, utilizing Baskerville URW for the name and Solei for the supporting type. The setting of the title and subtitle will be carried through to print materials such as the business card and menu.

Other brand collateral that are represented are a take home bag and a cappuccino cup, to show the breadth of the brand.



viggiatore_menu copy



Menu Title